Sangetsar Lake

A breathtaking lake mystery. The very gorgeous Sangetsar lake was once a grazing ground. Lake formed after an Earthquake hit the region somewhere around 1950. Located about 28 kms in north-east Tawang. Also popular as  Madhuri Lake. Actually pronounced as Sho-Nga=Tseir by locals, was originally pasturage of Shok-Tsen village turned into a lake due to an Earth Quake in 1971.. The lake nestles between huge mountains and is clear and beautiful with what looked like a hundred bamboo poles standing straight up in the water all over the lake. These were actually ramrod straight trees without any branches or leaves on them growing in the lake-water. The entire scene is breathtakingly beautiful. The air is cold and biting. On the way, there are many big and small clear mountain lakes which were also very beautiful. The lake has bare trees standing like guards in vigil.The lake is popularly known as Madhuri Lake after her shooting a film in Arunachal Pradesh.




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