Bike Expedition In Tawang

Hi everyone we are pleased to inform you all that we are conducting our very first Biking Expedition in Tawang this October. This expedition will cover places within Tawang area.
So let’s get booted and strapped to explore Tawang in a never-before way. Make your way through refreshing lakes to the road you have never dwelled on before, the exotic colors of mountains, beautiful monasteries and centuries old cultural traditions and lifestyles that will soak you in its simplicity and ethnicity. The little sand dunes that will take you down to the zemithang valley and hundred of waterfalls that will take your breath and senses away.
Come let’s go to the land close to the blue sky, awaken to a different world, come let’s be a part of first ever Bike Expedition in the land of hidden Paradise “TAWANG”.

Expedition Dates:
1st Expedition: October 2nd – 4th October
2nd Expedition: October 22nd – 24th October
3rd Expedition: October 31st – November 2nd

Dual rider ………….. 12000
Single rider ……………. 9000
Personal bike ……………. 6000


1ST Day 1) Tawang Monastery
2) Bumla Pass
3) klemta lake
4) P.T. Tso
5) Bramadung Chung Ani Gonpa
6) Buddha Park
7) Emporium
8) vith Dalai Lama’s birth place
9) War Memorial

2nd Day 1) Jang Waterfall
2) Chak Zam (iron bridge)
3) Mahabodi Homes for Elders and Children
4) First view of Bhutan
5) Drolma Lhakhang
6) B.T.K waterfalls
7) zemithangvalley

3rd Day 1) Lumpo
2) zig zag road
3) T.Gonpa
4) Sho-Nga-Tser Lake (Madhuri Lake)


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